Student Projects

With the emphasis on student ownership under the HED Project, student projects in which students would be involved as organizers rather than mere participants have been invited. Seven student projects were received and reviewed by the Student Project Sub-committee.

Youth Empowerment Project 2015 “Service Trip to Cambodia”

Youth Empowerment Project 2015 is the second overseas service trip organized by Simon K.Y. Lee Hall Social Education Group. In order to maximize the learning outcome of the experience, the project is divided into three main parts: 4 sessions of pre-trip training workshops, the service trip to Cambodia, and a post-trip fundraising activity. This year our trip was held on 7th-16th June 2015. The destination is the same village in Cambodia as last year and we cooperate with the same NGO, Shalom Alliance, with the hope to make this a long term and sustainable project. 

Students in Simon K.Y. Lee Hall strongly believe that the first step to bring social change and empower the people in the Cambodian village is through educating the concept of gender equality in local community. Three tasks were carried out during our stay: Workshop for children in the village, home visits and improvement work for the village school. In this project, our hall members have various opportunities to learn, to gain first hand experiences and to serve the underprivileged groups. We also have direct acquaintance and cultural exchange with the local people. Two main activities were carried out: workshops and home visits. All these experiences deepen our understanding on gender issues, broaden our insights and sharpen our skills on designing developmental projects in resource-limited countries. 


Project Highlights

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Very Well Thailand Service Trip

During last semester break, a group of HKU students from Swire Hall and Starr Hall put aside their academic work temporarily, and start the Very Well Project in Thailand, with the aids of HEDO.

We stayed in a place called Roy Wan which is located at the Southern part of Thailand. It is a weekend school for the children aged between six and eighteen from nearby villages. It is being run by a local educator P. Ju and a Thailand Social Service firm Dalaa. Long term and short term volunteers were both welcomed for aids in construction and education purpose.

Our work mainly divided by three working groups: the construction team, the cooking team and the cleaning team. During our stay, the construction team targeted for building a small library for future use; the cooking team in charge of all meals for the volunteers; the cleaning team need to recycle the waste and keep the whole area clean and tidy. And in weekend, we all become amateur teachers to take care of over hundreds of children. All of us enjoy our work and we evaluated for our performance everyday. 

We were totally living in the wild, we did not have proper washroom; our living room was a tree house. Without network and any kind of the electronic appliances, we mentally connected to the natural beauty. The experience is totally different from where are we living in.

In our stay, apart from 22 of us, there are also volunteers from France, Swiss and Japan. We sleep together, work together and eat together. We shared with each other our local culture. For instance, we have prepared some Hong Kong Traditional food like dumplings and sweet soup. We also learned about one of the Thai culture: simple life and stay optimistic. 

The report from their service trip could be downloaded here.


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Fund-Raising Cycling 2015

Fund Raising Cycling is organised by Simon K. Y. Lee Hall Students' Association. The event is aimed to raise the attention on the beneficiary organization and their target needy, encourage students to initiate and make contributions to society and provide an opportunity for cycling lovers to ride around the HK Island. The event was first organized in 2005 and this year is the tenth year to hold this event.

The beneficiary of the event is Heifer International – Hong Kong, which is a charitable organization helping poor families in the mainland to eradicate poverty sustainably by giving them a gift animal. The event raised $290,000 HKD to the beneficiary and the funding raised in the event will be used to help two of their projects, Macheng Holistic Development Project for the Left-behind People in Dabieshan Mountain Area and Qichun Holistic Development Project for the Left-behind People in Dabieshan Mountain Area.

The event was held on 10th January,2015. There were over 1000 participants from general public in Hong Kong, they begun their journey from Main Building in the University of Hong Kong and rode around the Hong Kong Island over night. Participants could enjoy the night view of Hong Kong and try the food along the route with their friends. With the help of Police Force, the university and the volunteers, the event was held smoothly and provide participants a memorable experience.


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Better to Give than to Receive in Shaoguan

The Morrison Hall Social Service Group organized a 4-day social service trip to Shaoguan, Guangdong, sending 20 hall-mates to visit a local Training School and a Special School. The participants had a fruitful and valuable experience of providing love, care and financial assistance to the target beneficiaries through volunteering and in-depth cultural and intellectual interactions.

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Lee Shau Kee Hall has a farm!

Agriculture has long been an indispensable sector in a society. Despite huge advancement in the development of agriculture after industrialization, some inappropriate practices have caused devastating damage to our environment, such as desertification of fertile land, water pollution, etc. One of the possible solutions to help alleviate the problems is organic farming.

Through workshops on organic farming, guests sharing, visits to organic farms and real practices, the LSK Green Group and Social Service Subcommittee of Lee Shau Kee Hall have decided to cultivate a positive attitude towards food sources among students, enrich students’ knowledge about organic farming and arouse public awareness about agriculture and preciousness of food.

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