Hall Education Courses

In order to achieve the objectives of the HED Project, a series of hall education courses covering a wide variety of topics have been launched, under the supervision of the Intellectual Development Sub-committee.To date, three hall education courses were successfully completed in November 2011, January 2012 and July 2012 respectively.

Study Tour to University of Cambridge on Hall Education

To let student leaders of Hall Student Associations learn about British education and to inspire them to think about the future development of HKU Hall Education. Twenty hall studnets were selected to participate in the study tour to the Univeristy of Cambridge on 19-26 February 2015.

Tour Highlights:


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Pre-Trip Lectures For Study Tour To Japanese Universities

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Study Tour to Japanese Universities

Theme of tour: Japanese culture, education and history of student movement

Date of Tour: 13 October 2014 – 18 October 2014 (Reading Week)

Major activities:

Visiting University of Tokyo and gathering with their students

Learning and student exchange in Aoyama Gakuin University 

Learning and student exchange in Kanagawa University

Visiting Yasukuni Shrine and Yushukan (History museum)

Visiting Sky Tree and the Japanese Palace


Tour Fee: $8000 + $500 refundable deposit

This fee includes round-trip flight ticket, 5-night hotel, tour bus transportation, 2 meals with Japanese University members, visiting cost in all 3 Universities, entrance of history museum, Sky Tree and Japanese Palace.

The $500 deposit will be refunded upon fulfillment of assignments.


Highlights of the Tour



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HEC-SL-Sports Leadership Training Course

Hall Education Course Four (Course Code: HEC-SL):

Sports Leadership Training Course

  • Objective 1: To equip students with proper knowledge and skills in doing sport activities and leading a sport team
  • Objective 2: To concern the students about safety and effectiveness in sport training
  • Content: 6 lessons on 4 different topics -
    • Physical Fitness and Training Methodology
    • Nutrition in Sport 
    • Sports Psychology and Stress Management 
    • Choice of Equipment and Taping (*A free sports tape will be given)
  • Number of participants: 30
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HEC-TW-01 - The Democratic Development and President Elections in Taiwan

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